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Himalaya Herbal Healthcare - Mesha Shringi - 60 Tablets -Ayurvedic

Manufacturer: Himalaya
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The Herb
Latin Name Gymnema sylvestre (Retz.) R.Br.ex Roemer & Schultes
English Name / Common Name Gymnema
Sanskrit / Indian Names Meshashringi, Gurmar
The leaves of Meshashringi or "ram's horn" when chewed destroys the sense of the tongue to appreciate the taste of sugar and all saccharine substances. Gymnema sylvestre is a woody climber. The leaf extracts contain gymnemic acid, which is known to inhibit hyperglycemia (increased sugar level in the blood).

  • The principle constituent of Meshashringi is gymnemic acid, which has anti-diabetic properties. It diminishes excessive blood sugar.
  • It has also been shown to have a regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells and is insulinotropic (that which stimulates or affects the production and activity of insulin ).
  • Meshashringi helps decrease the craving for sugar. It temporarily abolishes the taste of sugar and helps neutralize excessive sugar present in the body in diabetes mellitus.

As an adjuvant in Diabetes Mellitus
1 capsule twice a day before meals.

* {Since Himalaya Pure Herbs products are in capsule form, some children below 14 years may find it difficult to swallow. Hence it is recommended only at 14 years and above.}


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